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Dad's Army Marches on Blackpool!Dad’s Army Marches On - 21st -26th June 2010 at the Grand Theatre

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By: Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Management: Calibre Productions
Cast: Leslie Grantham, Timothy Kightley, David Warwick, Richard Tate, Kern Falconer, Thomas Richardson, Maitland Chandler, Sarah Berger, Martin Carroll, Helen Carter, Ursula Mohan, David Vale, Jonathan Tanner, Jonathan Niton, Helen Phillips
Director: James Robert Carson
Design: Nancy Surman

Here is an excellent review below from www.Nouse.co.uk

"While support for the classic drama, Dad’s Army, has by no means diminished in recent years, the fan-base has undoubtedly got older. To a young audience, the impression garnered from snapshots and rumour may be of a show with antiquated comedy and irrelevant content. The writers of the original TV series, David Croft and Jimmy Perry, have lovingly adapted four of their favourite episodes of the original script for stage. The result is a magnificent burst of new life into the 40 year-old show and its infamous characters.

From the moment the curtain rises, the bouncing, over-enthused Lance-Corporeal Jones, played by the wonderful Richard Tate, is the undoubted star of the show. The modern necessity of a ‘celebrity’ cast member is fulfilled by EastEnders Leslie Grantham, who inhabits the seedy charm of Private Walker to perfection, but somewhat stalls the comedy with his rushed and awkward between-scene narration.

Timothy Knightley’s puffed up and bustling Captain Mainwaring reveals his vulnerable side during the second act, when he falls for Sarah Berger’s gravely-toned widower, Mrs Fiona Gray. The character signals the introduction of the rest of the thus-far unseen female cast members. The female inclusion sparks off a myriad of glaringly obvious sexual innuendos among the men of the Home Guard that managed to transform the original TV script into a much loved classic.

Whilst infamous lines such as, “You’ve got to be ready with the old upwards thrust”, are kept lovingly in place, the old-school humour that has come to personify the show is somewhat tainted by attempts to adapt the comedy to the modern audience. Indeed, while the references to Sergeant Wilson’s late-night shenanigans with Mrs Pike are merely insinuated in the 40-year-old family TV comedy, they are made explicitly obvious in the stage production. This rather removes the charming innocence of an exclusive glance into a more naïve era of entertainment.

Beyond the brilliant comedy, the stage production highlights some serious issues. The plight of conscientious objectors takes centre stage during Maitland Chandler’s delightful interpretation of Private Godfrey in Branded. Godfrey is ostracised by fellow Home Guard members after revelations of his pacifism during WWI. The underlying message becomes potent after it turns out that Godfrey’s actions as a medic during WWI make his braver than the rest put together.

Following Branded comes an episode of comic genius: Keep Young and Beautiful. We watch as the fiery Scottish undertaker Frazer attempts to transform himself, Lance-Corporeal Jones’ and Private Godfrey’s ‘younger’ (and utterly hilarious) men via dubious make-up techniques. At the same time the wonderfully pompous but charmingly vulnerable Captain Mainwaring’s attempts to appear younger in order to avoid transfer to the ARP (Air Raid Precaution) Unit, leading to the infamous toupee sketch.

Whether you are new to Dad’s Army, or a life-long fan, Dad’s Army Marches On will not disappoint."

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