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What's on in Blackpool for 2011!

Guys and Dolls in Blackpool

Watch Guys and Dolls and Stay at our Bed and Breakfast Hotel in Blackpool and enjoy

Showing Wednesday 13 April to Saturday 16 April 2011
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Performance Times: Wednesday 7.30pm, Thursday 2.00pm and 7.30pm, Friday 7.30pm, Saturday 2.00pm and 7.30pm

Running Time: tbc

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call box office on 01253 290190

Group bookings call 01253 743232

In late 1940s New York City, gambler Nathan Detroit is having trouble trying to find a venue for his next floating craps game. Word has got out about the game and the “big boys” are in town, all looking for a piece of the action.

Nathan secures the local garage for his illegal game, but the owners want $1000 security deposit first. From where is he going to get the money, and how will he keep Adelaide, his long-suffering fiancée, unaware of what’s going on?

Sky Masterson, a high-rolling gambler, arrives in town on his way to Havana. Nathan observes that Sky is travelling alone and Sky brags that he could get any woman he wanted to accompany him. Nathan then proposes a $1000 bet which he believes he cannot lose: Sky must take a doll of Nathan’s choice to dinner in Havana. Inspired by the passing Save-A-Soul Mission band, Nathan chooses none other than Sergeant Sarah Brown.

At the mission, Sarah and her team are dejected. They face closure unless they can save some sinners. Sarah is excited when Sky enters and proclaims that he wants to be saved. Once they are alone, Sky offers a proposal: he will fill her mission with “one dozen genuine
sinners” for her meeting if she will accompany him to Havana. Nathan, certain that Sky will lose the bet, arranges to use the garage. But will Sarah agree to go to Havana? Will Nathan win his bet and get his much needed $1000? Will Adelaide find out what he’s up to?

Guys and Dolls is presented by Blackpool Operatic Players who also presented My Fair Lady and most recently Mack & Mabel.

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